4l80e transmission specs


The world of transmissions has developed a lot over the last 20 years. One tried and true transmission, the TH, received a slight makeover into the 4L80E. We wanted to took a closer look at it. The TH was originally introduced to the General Motors platform in the s.

The 4L80E came thirty years later in the s. The 4L80E has a max torque rating of lb. The gearing to move such a heavy load is a 2. These transmissions can be found behind 4. They are electronically controlled, unless modified, and the housing itself is die-cast aluminum. Some Hummers also ran them as well. Mind you, this transmission can also be converted to be a full manual gearbox as well.

The transmission is also slightly larger than a TH as the overall length is 32 inches; 1. Another aspect to note is the transmission cooler lines. Early versions had them side by side, but later versions had one moved further back in the housing. There are a lot of different ways to go about acquiring one of these transmissions.

The easiest and most expensive route is to buy a brand new or rebuilt one off the shelf. These can be purchased through several different companies that normally offer a warranty on them. However, the price can go through the roof for a brand new transmission. Alternatively, you could go on Craigslist and pick up a used one, hoping that it works as great as the seller tells you it does. Use your best judgement in these cases. Another option is to search for a core at the local yard, or even better your local dismantler and spend hours finding one and pulling it out.

This would be a cost effective way of sourcing one, but it would most likely need to be rebuilt. In our search for one, we came across Just Chevy Trucksa place that takes Chevy trucks and dismantles them in Maine.Face it, this is the golden era for horsepower.

But that added power puts even more pressure on the rest of the driveline, and no more so than on the transmission. The good news for GM fans is that when it comes to automatic transmissions, there are multiple options. The trans we think has been overlooked is the 4L80E Transmission.

This cryptic description is GM's way of saying this is an automatic transmission with four forward speeds designed for longitudinal i. RWD use. The "80" references higher torque capacity compared with a 60, for examplewhile the "E" defines this as an electronically controlled transmission.

We did some research on some of the more important aspects of performance uses for this transmission. You can think of this trans as basically a TH with a 25 percent overdrive tacked on. The 4L80E transmission was mostly used in and 1-ton trucks and larger SUV applications beginning in The "E" means that it must use an electronic ECU for control, as it will not function without it. The trans has experienced multiple minor upgrades over the years, with the newer boxes being a bit more attractive, but all the versions can be made to work well in a performance application.

The addition of electronic control and overdrive adds roughly 50 pounds and a slight amount of width over a TH, but for the most part, any floorpan that can accommodate a TH can also fit a 4L80E.

Also, the 4L80E transmission is typically about 4 inches longer than a TH depending on the length of the extension housingbut the trans mount is located roughly inches rearward.

4l80e transmission specs

Most of the concerns about rL80E transmission revolve around the need for electronic control. Car Craft did an extensive review of five aftermarket controllers in the Mar.

Be aware that if your car is carburetor-equipped, an aftermarket conversion will also require a throttle-position sensor TPS adapter to the carburetor throttle linkage. Holley and most of the companies that sell the controllers also offer a TPS adapter. So while the 4L80E is affordable, there is some expense involved with converting it into an earlier chassis. But isn't half the battle knowing how deep the water is before you dive in headfirst?

The advantage here is a trans that is even stronger than the original TH and offers an excellent 25 percent overdrive. Jeff Smith writer. Gear Ratio First 2. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. These dimensions are for a typical 4L80E but no guarantee that this is true for all transmissions.Because Novak has always maximized our domestic supply and internal manufacturing paradigm, we are seeing little interruption due to the Co-Vi situation.

However, permit a day or two extra for fulfillment and be aware that we may contact you with questions or options on items where our suppliers may be having difficulties.

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The 4L80E transmission is the advanced progeny of the legendary TurboHydramatic TH automatic transmission, and is based heavily on the in both parts and strength, yet featuring an added overdrive gear, a lock-up torque converter and advanced electronic controls.

This article also covers a variant of the 4L80E - the 4L85E, which is built to handle even heavier-duty use, and all references to the 4L80E apply to it unless otherwise mentioned.

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Readers may also note that the 4L80 and 4L85 terms are sometimes used without the "E" suffix, as all GM automatics are now electronically controlled and therefore in no need of differentiation. The 4L80 nomenclature denotes that the transmission is a 4-Speed, Longitudinally mounted, and for lbs. Maximum engine input torque for the 4L80 is ft.

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The case is die cast aluminum. The 4L80E was designed for vehicles up to lbs. GVWR and with engines up to ft. The 4L85 was designed for vehicles up to 16, lbs.

The torque converter is a fluid turbine drive and like those on its predecessor transmissions; the THC, R4, and 4L60, the 4L80 features a lock-up pressure plate for direct mechanically coupled driving from the engine crank.

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The 4L80 features a mm torque converter. The transmission typically accepts a 6. It features a dry weight of lbs. Like earlier automatics, the 4L80 features one line pressure tap available for testing and diagnostic purposes. They also feature transmission cooling ports for highly-recommended external transmission oil coolers.

The TH was so enduring at GM and other marques, that it was actually the last hold-out of the old-school automatics without a lock-up torque converter or overdrive. The R4 was a pretty tough transmission, but not quite in the class of the TH GM needed a heavy-duty automatic overdrive. The rear tailhousing bolt pattern remained the same, but its indexing bore diameter was changed.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Everything You Need To Know About Rebuilding A 4L80E Transmission

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4l80e transmission specs

CPG Nation. Warranty Policy.Select Transmission Select Make The 4L80E transmission was first introduced in and served as a replacement for the TH transmission. A few of the new features added with the 4L80E in comparison to its predecessor were electronic controls, overdrive capability, and a lock-up torque converter.

This transmission was used in the heavier duty applications for virtually all GMC and Chevrolet truck applications. That includes the Suburban, Tahoe, and even the Avalanche.

4L80E Transmission Teardown Inspection - Transmission Repair

The 4L80E transmission was similar to 4L60 transmission except that it was made for heavier loads. The 4L60 was introduced as a replacement sooner than the 4L80E was introduced, primarily due to the robustness of its predecessor. That being said, it finally became imperative to upgrade the THand that was the introduction of the 4L80E which happened in The transmissions were available in a wide number of platforms for 22 years before finally being replaced in This transmission was popular for many reasons, but some of the key were its durability, improved fuel consumption thanks to its overdrive gear, and the ability to handle more torque and therefore be paired with higher powered engine.

The 4L80E is not without problems though, as hard shifts and losing the reverse gear are some of the most common problems reported from this transmission. The 4L80E is a manual transmission that has a maximum engine input torque of lb-ft and is capable of providing an output torque of up to lb-ft.

4L80E/4L85E Transmission

Many of the other specifications can be gathered by deciphering the name. From 4L80E, the 4 indicates that the transmission has 4 gears. The L serves to show that the transmission is longitudinally oriented. The 80 represents that the transmission is capable of handling GVWR up to pounds. Finally, the E in the name indicates that this transmission is electronically controlled and actuated. This transmission, in comparison to its slightly lighter duty counterpart, the 4L60E, has a smaller band of gear ratios.

The gear ratios are 2. The reverse gear has a gear ratio of 2. The materials of this transmission are quite similar to the other Hydramatic transmissions, with the outer casing being made of cast aluminum. This transmission is significantly heavier than the 4L60E with a dry weight of pounds.

The normal transmission fluid required for this transmission is 6. Another feature of this transmission is the cooling ports that allow for transmission oil coolers to be used. The 4L80E transmission was introduced in and remained in production until The 22 years of usage is a testament to its robustness and strength.

This was used in almost all GM truck platforms during this time in addition to being in some luxury rear wheel drive cars. The transmission is designed to handle up to lbs GVWR, which handles all but the heaviest of heavy duty applications.We know, advertisements are annoying and slow down the internet. Unfortunately, this is how we pay the bills and our authors.

We would love for you to enjoy our content, we've worked hard on providing it. Please whitelist our site in your adblocker, refresh the page, and enjoy! The Hydra-Matic 6L80 production code MYC is a six-speed automatic transmission produced by General Motors for use in rear- and rear-biased all-wheel-drive vehicles with a longitudinal powertrain orientation. All versions share a unique output gearset configuration that enables it a wider range of ratios than a conventional planetary gearset automatic transmission.

This allows the transmission to be tailored for optimal fuel economy while delivering excellent acceleration traits. The wide overall ratio spread of 6. The modular concept of the Hydra-Matic 6L80 centers on the desire for common components and manufacturing tooling for four different size variants of the six-speed family.

All versions use three gearsets: a simple input planetary gearset and two output gearsets, one of which is a compound gearset with three pairs of two pinion gears on the output carrier, one pair meshing with the sun gear and the other with the ring gear. Performance Algorithm Shifting is available on some applications. Performance Algorithm Shifting PAS monitors how assertively the driver is using engine output to determine at what engine speed to upshift or downshift. Driver Shift Control allows the driver to shift the transmission like a clutchless manual gearbox.

Electronic safeguards prevent over-revving should the wrong gear position be accidentally selected. Advances in transmission control modules allow them to exist reliably inside the transmission, where temperatures remain fairly constant compared to a body-mounted module.

The transmission and module are assembled together, so no additional steps are necessary during vehicle assembly. Modular Design The modular concept of the Hydra-Matic 6L80 centers on the desire for common components and manufacturing tooling for four different size variants of the six-speed family.

Driver Shift Control Driver Shift Control allows the driver to shift the transmission like a clutchless manual gearbox. Advanced Control System Advances in transmission control modules allow them to exist reliably inside the transmission, where temperatures remain fairly constant compared to a body-mounted module.

Vehicle Engine Cadillac Escalade 6. GM Authority Newsletter Subscribe for free to receive our daily newsletter in your inbox. First Name. Last Name.The GM 4L80E 4-speed overdrive transmission is the ultimate overdrive platform to suit virtually combination that requires the strongest overdrive transmission possible.

Hughes Performance has a 4L80E transmission available for practically any engine combination and power level. The 4L80E offers several significant advantages for a wide variety of applications. The 0. Selecting a Hughes Performance 4L80E transmission for your vehicle opens the doors to all kinds of possibilities. Each bellhousing system is fully SFI-certified and requires no external bellhousing shields when used in a drag racing application.

GM 6-Speed 6L80 MYC Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission

Each bellhousing system allows the use of an original style starter in the original position. Coming soon is our very own Hughes Performance electronic control unit. This unit will combine the best of both controllers by offering outstanding simplicity of installation and operation along with a hand-held calibration module that offers increased tunability all at a very attractive price.

For those customers that would like to avoid using an electronic controller we offer a full manual valve body option on all of our 4L80E transmissions. This option eliminates the necessity for an electronic controller, and requires the user to manually upshift and downshift the transmission in all modes of operation. The torque converter can be locked up in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th forward ranges if necessary. We also offer a transbrake valve body option on all of our 4L80E transmissions.

Our transbrake option can be built as a full manual unit or as an automatic unit with full automatic shifting capabilities when coupled with one of our electronic controllers. Both transbrake options feature a forward shift pattern, and still retain the lock-up torque converter function as well. Want to retain your mechanical speedometer? We have that covered as well. While the 4L80E was never offered by GM with a provision for a mechanical speedometer drive, we do offer a custom extension housing that allows the use of TH speedo gears and a TH speedo driven gear housing.

Custom machining is required on the output shaft for proper installation of this kit. All components are provided installed on your transmission when you order the mechanical speedo option on your Hughes Performance 4L80E. We offer everything from a basic transmission and converter package all the way to a complete turn-key package including controller, dipstick and filler tube, cooler, cooler hose kit, fluid, mount, etc.

4l80e transmission specs

We are also an authorized distributor for Precision Performance Products shifters. While other shifters can be made to work with a 4L80E transmission, Precision Performance Products is the only company to offer a true correct shifter cable mounting bracket and shift arm specifically for the 4L80E which will help make your installation as simple as possible. Call us today for a quote on a custom 4L80E package tailored specifically to your combination! Authorized Distributors.

Be sure to fill out and submit one of our online tech cards for an immediate recommendation from one of our torque converter experts!

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